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1) How to book courses and accommodation through EEC?

Online registration or by email (eecmalta@vol.net.mt)

2) Is it possible to send an enquiry without booking any courses through the website?

Yes, by online registration. We will reply within 24 hours.

3) Do I need a visa/Schengen to travel to Malta?

Malta is part of Schengen countries, therefore students arriving from EU countries do not need a Visa. Non-European students have to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The school will provide you with a ‘Letter of Acceptance’ after confirmation of course.

4) What happens at my arrival at the airport?

At the ‘Arrivals’ you will be greeted by an EEC representative. The representative will take you to your accommodation and explain to you all the information you require.

5) What happens in case of a delayed or cancelled flight?

The representative will be aware of the delay and will meet you at the new scheduled time. In case of emergency you can always call on our emergency line +356 99823016. Even during your stay in Malta you can always call on this emergency number.

6) Will I be supported when studying at EEC?

EEC has been running since 1992. As an experienced company in hosting English Language students, EEC and its staff, promises you all you require during your whole stay in Malta

7) If I’m interested to book a course, will I have to start off on a Monday?

You can start on any day of the week (Monday to Friday).

8) How will I find my way to school on my first day?

– Residence: Only 3 minutes walk
– Host family: The host mother or father will show you the way to the school premises.
(You can always refer to our map provided to you on our website)

9) What’s the procedure on my first day of school?

You have to be present at 08.45 hrs. An Aptitude test will be provided for you. According to your grade you will be placed in an appropriate group.

10) When do the lessons start and finish?

Lessons start at 09.00hrs – 12.30hrs. You will have a 30 minute break from 10.30 hrs – 11.00hrs.

11) When is the school closed?

Tuesday 01/01/2013 New Year
Sunday 10/02/2013 Saint Paul´s Shipwreck
Tuesday 19/03/2013 Saint Joseph
Friday 29/03/2013 Good Friday
Sunday 31/03/2013 Freedom Day Malta
Wednesday 01/05/2013 Labour Day
Sunday 12/05/2013 Mother´s Day
Friday 07/06/2013 National Holiday Malta
Sunday 16/06/2013 Father´s Day
Saturday 29/06/2013 Saint Peter & Saint Paul
Thursday 15/08/2013 Assumption of Mary
Sunday 08/09/2013 Victory Day Malta
Saturday 21/09/2013 Independence Day Malta
Sunday 08/12/2013 Immaculate Conception
Friday 13/12/2013 Republic Day Malta
Wednesday 25/12/2013 Christmas

Information copied from: http://www.web-calendar.org/en/holidays/malta/2013

12) Does the school organise any activities during the free time?

We offer afternoon and evening activities. You can book your activities at the front desk. Take a look at our activities.

13) How far is the closest public transport network from the school premises?

The nearest stop is a few minutes walk from our school.

14) What is the student nationality mix at EEC school?

We cater for all nationalities and ages.

15) On my day of departure how will I get to the airport?

If you paid for airport transfers, our representative will pick you up from your accommodation 2 hours prior to the time of departure. Then he will help you check-in.

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